Banking Software Companies an Able Ally For Financial Institutions

What Makes Banking Software Companies an Able Ally For Financial Institutions

As there has been a steady rise in technological advancements in the recent past, financial institutions plan to make better use of technological advancements to serve customers in a better way. Banks have also introduced mobile banking services, which help customers to perform their bank related tasks with ease. In an effort to build ideal mobile banking solutions software, banks have started hiring the services of banking software companies that have the experience to offer suitable solutions to banks. What are the alluring features of such companies that convert the establishments into an able ally for financial institutions?


The company that is skilled at building mobile banking software is an establishment that offers diversified solutions to banks. There are solutions that aid financial institutions to offer mobile banking services for core banking operations, as there are solutions that are built to enhance the front office support pertaining to such institutions. When banks need solutions to automate data management procedures, reputed software companies offer solutions to meet this specific need of such institutions. There is no dearth of mobile banking solutions offered by the reputed company that builds software for financial institutions.


Apart from building effective tools to enhance banking operations, software companies that offer banking products are companies that offer unparalleled services to institutions. Whether there is a need to migrate to a new banking system software or a need to implement a novel system, reputed companies make sure that the system gets implemented in a proper fashion. Most importantly, the reputed software establishments go to great lengths to ensure that banks get benefited from this new system.


The company that offers various banking solutions never fails to offer good support in the process. Good support from establishments comes through the form of varied services offered by such establishments. Services to institutions take the form of onsite support, data customization, and help desk services, among other services that work in favour of such institutions.


Most importantly, reputed companies devote valuable time to train professionals to handle the software built by them. Apart from paving the way for a smooth installation process, recognized establishments make sure that professionals responsible for handling this software are well equipped to perform all the tasks with ease.

Wide range of clients

While a bank wants to hire the services of the best company that builds offers mobile banking solutions, it should pay attention to look into the list of clients belonging to the software company. A reputed company has a wide range of clients and takes pride in its rich clientele that unveils clients from across the far corners of the globe. Established players are known to offer solutions to customers belonging to finance, banking and insurance industries.
Software with high-value performance

Most importantly, the software company that earns acclaims from various quarters is a company that builds software that is known for high-value performance. Moreover, the software gets implemented easily and quickly and gets maintained efficiently. Complete integration of modules, low operational and maintenance costs, and rapid deployment of various mobile products become inherent elements of the software that gets built to offer mobile banking solutions.

By offering different solutions, and by offering incomparable services, banking software companies get converted into an able ally for financial institutions

Introduction zGames company

Who are zgames?

Zgames are a Houston based game development studio with over 9 years of experience. In that time they have developed more than 21 games. Zgames have created games for many different platforms including mobile devices and PC and Mac. Games like Happy Chef have been published on the various mobile app stores by Nordcurrent Ltd and other zgame titles have gone onto be widely enjoyed by players.

As well as creating their own games from scratch, zgames have also created licensed products such as Nickelodeon Experience which features an adventure with SpongeBob Squarepants and Quicky’s World starring the rabbit from the famous Nesquik brand. These titles are both available for smartphones and tablets and enjoyed by kids around the world. Having two such heavyweight companies put their faith in zgames says a lot about reputation as a game developer.

Zgames offer other services including creating mobile games, educational games, unity games, game art, game mechanics, gambling mechanics for social games, and general game design. They have a wide array of skills in their studio and have worked with major companies like Atari, Big Fish and Taito as well as other game professions. So as well as creating their own games they have also contributed to other major projects. A lot of their games are created through Unity, but why is that? And what is that?

What is Unity?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine – This means that it is where the game is created. It also means that it manages everything that is happening in the game when it is being played. An example of a zgames made through Unity is EON Break. This is a fast-paced 2D Metroidvania game starring Nikola Tesla bending time and space as he fights Nazis. It’s a really fun game with some clever mechanics and it was made entirely in Unity.

However, Unity is incredibly versatile so it is not limited any specific kind of game. Instead, Unity is able to create both 2D and 3D games from essentially any genre. Many of the most popular video games in the world have been created through Unity and plenty of indie developers exclusively use it thanks to its versatility.

Unity also has a free version, so anyone can pick it up and start to learn game development.

How Does Unity Work?

Unity development can work in a number of ways. It was created so that people with no programming or coding knowledge can pick it up and start to make games. This is done through a drag and drop system. All the elements in unity can be dragged from a menu or toolbar and entered into a game world. Whether you want to create a corridor, place some trees or create lighting, all of it can be easily dragged into the game world. When programming the player character this works in a similar way, too. You choose where the camera sits and which keys on a keyboard (if you are developing for PC) do what. Don’t forget that if you want complex items such as a house with items inside then you’ll either need to build it from scratch inside Unity, create it elsewhere and import it or visit the extensive Unity store and buy it from someone else.

If you want to start making complex games though, you will need to start to code. Fortunately, there are a myriad of tutorials and lessons on how to code in Unity so if it is something you want to get into then there is a lot of information you can access.

In general, though Unity is an incredibly versatile game engine that can be used to publish games on smartphones, PC and consoles. This is why so many companies use it.

How Have zgames Used Unity?

Zgames have used Unity in a number of their projects and because the games are so varied you might not recognise that Unity is, in fact, the game engine. The following have been created using Unity:

● Football Training Simulator

● Match 3volution

● VolleySim

● The Pit – Drop Dead

● The Language Quest

● Give the Dog a Bone

● Love Potion: Eternal Devotion

● Sky Rangers


● Banana Blitz

● Nickelodeon Experience

● Qix Galaxy

● Happy Chef

● Lucky Swipe!

● Fright Fight

That is a huge 15 games from their development portfolio developed through Unity. None of their games are alike. They include different mechanics, genres, perspectives, graphics, platforms and other major differences. This further highlights how useful a tool Unity is and speaks to zgames expertise in using the same game engine to make such radically different games.

Solutions for Smart Home provided by Qulix Systems

Why Smart Home is so important in modern life

The past two years, the development of smart home industry can be described as fast, and as an intelligent home system is an indispensable part of the home network video surveillance prospects are very promising. Smart home is just great example of successful type of IoT application. With the development of home monitoring and video surveillance of progress is an important part of home security.

Now people can be wired, or wireless access to the network through a laptop supports wired, wireless home network camera models will assume home care, shop inspections, and other functions, and allows high-speed network monitoring technology further into the family, which is a manifestation of intelligent home integration development.


Talk about smart home systems! A vacuum cleaner that automatically does your chores for you while you engage yourself into other things has to be one the best things that technology ever gave us. However, while these vacuum cleaners are super smart, they can also be out of budget for many people. But imagine all the money you save in hiring cleaning service! You can also use your free time to do other important things.

SwitchesA smart switch allows you to control any device through an app, as far as it is plugged into that switch! By getting this device home, you can monitor your energy supply and identify the devices that are being frequently used and contributing most towards your energy bills. This can be particularly useful when you are trying to cut corners to save the mounting bills at the end of the homes.

Importance of services provided by smart home solutions system enable one to have a first-class reputation. This is significant in view of the fact that not every human being is at a point of affording a home theater system.

Their operations suit the needs of clients. The motive is because when one has a home theater system, it is not important for one to purchase speakers, screens and video players in perse places. This is n’t matter since a home theater system is featured with all these objects.

Smart Home Solutions enable technologies to be easier for users. It is simple for one to utilize a home theatre system since it is bought with home theatre installers to facilitate one in carrying out the setup. Home theatre system is purchased with a document to direct the user on how to do the theatre installation.

Qulix provides their goods with a comprehensive warranty. This is one of the most significant characteristics of a commodity on sale.

Throughout the video surveillance industry, network video surveillance market is extensive, as part of the video surveillance, home video surveillance is also growing, and as people’s attention to their safety and continually promoted. In this stage, the security situation is still grim, how to protect personal and property safety, this high-tech smart security, intelligent security alarm systems to provide a broad space for development. For home security alarm system, simple, safe and smart features such as the direction of development, smart security alarm system has become widely accepted in the market.

Intelligent security systems because of its high technical level requirements, so its price is more high, so many families Despair. Because of this, many of software companies began to develop new civilian areas intelligent security systems. Compared to other systems, mobile video surveillance alarm system relatively inexpensive. Mobile video surveillance to watch anytime, anywhere remote monitoring point through the user’s mobile phone video.

When the user enters into the monitor screen, the ability to control remote PTZ, camera angle adjustment, monitoring the major regional situation, and cameras for remote settings. When there are unusual circumstances controlled area, the server host starts recording every three seconds to capture an image and send a message to the specified phone. With the development of 3G and 4G networks, the mobile video surveillance alarm system will also show its mettle in the field of home security.