Introduction zGames company

Who are zgames?

Zgames are a Houston based game development studio with over 9 years of experience. In that time they have developed more than 21 games. Zgames have created games for many different platforms including mobile devices and PC and Mac. Games like Happy Chef have been published on the various mobile app stores by Nordcurrent Ltd and other zgame titles have gone onto be widely enjoyed by players.

As well as creating their own games from scratch, zgames have also created licensed products such as Nickelodeon Experience which features an adventure with SpongeBob Squarepants and Quicky’s World starring the rabbit from the famous Nesquik brand. These titles are both available for smartphones and tablets and enjoyed by kids around the world. Having two such heavyweight companies put their faith in zgames says a lot about reputation as a game developer.

Zgames offer other services including creating mobile games, educational games, unity games, game art, game mechanics, gambling mechanics for social games, and general game design. They have a wide array of skills in their studio and have worked with major companies like Atari, Big Fish and Taito as well as other game professions. So as well as creating their own games they have also contributed to other major projects. A lot of their games are created through Unity, but why is that? And what is that?

What is Unity?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine – This means that it is where the game is created. It also means that it manages everything that is happening in the game when it is being played. An example of a zgames made through Unity is EON Break. This is a fast-paced 2D Metroidvania game starring Nikola Tesla bending time and space as he fights Nazis. It’s a really fun game with some clever mechanics and it was made entirely in Unity.

However, Unity is incredibly versatile so it is not limited any specific kind of game. Instead, Unity is able to create both 2D and 3D games from essentially any genre. Many of the most popular video games in the world have been created through Unity and plenty of indie developers exclusively use it thanks to its versatility.

Unity also has a free version, so anyone can pick it up and start to learn game development.

How Does Unity Work?

Unity development can work in a number of ways. It was created so that people with no programming or coding knowledge can pick it up and start to make games. This is done through a drag and drop system. All the elements in unity can be dragged from a menu or toolbar and entered into a game world. Whether you want to create a corridor, place some trees or create lighting, all of it can be easily dragged into the game world. When programming the player character this works in a similar way, too. You choose where the camera sits and which keys on a keyboard (if you are developing for PC) do what. Don’t forget that if you want complex items such as a house with items inside then you’ll either need to build it from scratch inside Unity, create it elsewhere and import it or visit the extensive Unity store and buy it from someone else.

If you want to start making complex games though, you will need to start to code. Fortunately, there are a myriad of tutorials and lessons on how to code in Unity so if it is something you want to get into then there is a lot of information you can access.

In general, though Unity is an incredibly versatile game engine that can be used to publish games on smartphones, PC and consoles. This is why so many companies use it.

How Have zgames Used Unity?

Zgames have used Unity in a number of their projects and because the games are so varied you might not recognise that Unity is, in fact, the game engine. The following have been created using Unity:

● Football Training Simulator

● Match 3volution

● VolleySim

● The Pit – Drop Dead

● The Language Quest

● Give the Dog a Bone

● Love Potion: Eternal Devotion

● Sky Rangers


● Banana Blitz

● Nickelodeon Experience

● Qix Galaxy

● Happy Chef

● Lucky Swipe!

● Fright Fight

That is a huge 15 games from their development portfolio developed through Unity. None of their games are alike. They include different mechanics, genres, perspectives, graphics, platforms and other major differences. This further highlights how useful a tool Unity is and speaks to zgames expertise in using the same game engine to make such radically different games.